Corporate LEAN Startup agent

We build a custom path for your company to not only survive, but to compete with the extremely lean and agile startups. From idea workshop to a real internal startup spin-off, and we create this to a repeat process. We combine the power of the corporation and agility of the startups for your service.

8 to 10 stages, 1-2 years process and your company is best of both worlds - the stability of  core business and extremely fast and cost-effective development path. 

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LEAN Startup agent

Helping early stage startups to avoid pitfalls, find the right process to ensure pragmatic but agile customer validation, product development, prototype and minimum viable product building. We will make sure you fail early or succeed.

Professional coaching and mentoring. You will get visibility, networks, contacts, clients, technologies, strategic partners and a helping hand for every situation.


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