Corporate LEAN startup

Redigen will use all it’s resources, networks, tools and skills to build a custom process and path with your company, where you will not be the pray of new startups anymore, but jump in the agile and fast paced world of service and product development yourself.

We will combine the power of a steady corporation and it’s core business with a cost-effective, agile and very fast startup-culture. The idea is to build a true path from idea to a real startup spin-off.

Technology, work culture, internet, standards and tools have made it possible for a one day old startup to disrupt and pick on any business segment available today. This will just speed up every day with new technologies. The drawback in traditional companies is the culture and bureaucracy. There will always be a board, a manager or some hidden strings to the corporate culture and engine, and this is the reason a internal startup will truly never succeed before it’s kicked out from the corporation completely and put under the same circumstances as other startups.

Give us a call or send a contact request, and we’ll go through the process in detail.